Registered Apple Developer for over 3 years. Proven track record of delivering apps to the App Store.
Currently published on the Apple Store:


Iphone.IPad.IWAtCH.Apple TV.Web Development


Stitchy (developed at Golden Trident Ltd).Stitchy is a video collaboration and sharing mobile application that users start a video series by recording a short video up to 10 seconds on any topic they like. Once published it becomes available to everybody on the platform to add their part to it. Each video series consists of three clips and once it is completed, no more videos can be added to the series

Let’s Get Out, (developed at Golden Trident Ltd). A quick way to connect with people in your area to get together for an activity or a fun adventure. Browse through activities around you, watch a short video on what it is all about, jump in and join. Simple!. Want to take the lead and start something yourself ? No problem ! Schedule an activity and let others to join you on an adventure.


5DayWeather, Retrieves weather forecast for any city, country list at an instance. Example of UX design .       

A fitness app that logs distance, time, calories and tracks your, walk, jog or bike ride, called ‘Fitness-log.

Using Core-data, GPS, Maps, Tables.


 A place finder, for example, bar, restaurant, atm,.etc.Called ‘Locator’, with built in Navigation.

 Using Web API, reading JSON, MapKit.


A Message Notification application called ‘Reminder’

Currently published apps on Github.
An exercise app for the Runningbug,  to receive  and send JSON data through a Restful service. (Sky IOS Development test, Swift 2) (Steetbees code challenge. Swift 2) (ThisisGolbalRadio  IOS Development test, Swift 2, core Animation)

Balloon Game IOS Objective C developer test for Redant

A four-story stage, developer test project for Simplifydigital, which they review before setting an interview.

 An RSS feed developer test app for Shazam.

An interview test app for Inkglobal.

A one-hour onsite test for, test ios and objective c knowledge.

A test I did for where they requested me to create a custom delegate method for a login screen. Test to show an understanding of delegates.

A TableView example using AFNetworking.

Twitter feed developer test for Intelligent Environments (IE)

Five-day weather forecast for selected city developer test for Mobile Travel Technologies